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Logan Burgess

Logan Burgess

Logan Burgess is the lead financial copywriter at Marketing Wiz. In this role, he provides independent financial brands with conversational, educational, and actionable written content to engage advisors, clients, and prospects.

Recent Posts:

Marketing Content: Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Broadly speaking, your marketing content should resonate with as large a portion of your target audi...
Logan Burgess Jun 25, 2020 1:09:00 PM

Your LinkedIn Content Is A Chance To Lead—Not Follow

Most firms know that social media activity plays a significant role in their marketing efforts. Unfo...
Logan Burgess Jun 22, 2020 8:15:00 AM

How To Address Social Issues With Your Clients

In light of the recent social unrest, many of our clients have struggled to find a way to address so...
Logan Burgess Jun 19, 2020 2:45:00 PM

Why TV Is Still A Good Way To Capture New Business

Most RIAs don't think of television as an effective marketing platform; the advent of the internet a...
Logan Burgess Jun 3, 2020 1:42:00 PM

The Value of Simple Advice in Uncertain Times

The ongoing turmoil in the market is very stressful for investors, and it can be difficult for RIAs ...
Logan Burgess May 25, 2020 6:02:00 PM

Winning New Business in a Post-COVID World

Eventually COVID-19 will pass, and for many of our clients, there's one big question: How can they e...
Logan Burgess May 18, 2020 10:15:00 AM

Using Content To Create A Sense of Urgency

A lot of investors treat retirement planning like going to the dentist—they know they should be proa...
Logan Burgess May 8, 2020 8:15:00 AM

Using Content To Proactively Address Client Concerns

Under normal circumstances, your marketing efforts should address the needs and concerns of your inv...
Logan Burgess Apr 28, 2020 12:52:00 PM

The Future of Wealth Management: Trends To Consider

The finance industry’s security and compliance standards often means that adopting and rolling out n...
Logan Burgess Apr 24, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Why You Shouldn't Shy Away From Current Events

Lately, there has been a deluge of economic news, and most of it is bad. When the financial and econ...
Logan Burgess Apr 17, 2020 4:45:00 PM

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