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The State of Independent Financial Marketing

In this report we explore how much top firms are investing in marketing, tactics being leveraged by high-growth advisors, and mindsets that can help drive your firm into the next decade.
Craig Hall

This white paper was developed by the Marketing Wiz team and is geared toward four primary user groups:

  • Independent Financial Brands
  • Wirehouse and Broker-Dealer Teams
  • Firm Aggregators
  • Lenders & Private Equity Investors

"The independent channel controls over 23% of all AUM in North America and its projected to grow to 28% by 2020. We are seeing $2 Billion a day in assets move from Baby Boomers to Gen X and Gen Y investors and we know that 66% of children will fire their parent’s financial advisor. I think this is a perfect storm and independent firms are looking for strategies to grow their marketing programs to engage and serve next-generation investors,” said Craig Hall, Founder of Marketing Wiz.



“We know that the independent financial space is spending $1.36 billion annually on marketing initiatives. The problem, is that individual firms lack clarity on how much marketing investment is needed each year to remain competitive. It was this need that drove the development of our FinMar Bell Curve, which shows independent financial brands how their marketing investment compares to other firms with similar AUM and fees,” added Logan Burgess, Financial Copywriter and co-author of the white paper.

The whitepaper is available for download here and can be accessed immediately. This white paper is the most recent addition to the suite of resources available to financial marketers on the Marketing Wiz.

Marketing Wiz is a marketing firm which specializes in supporting independent financial brands. Marketing Wiz’s suite of solutions enables RIAs and IBDs to develop more meaningful connections with clients and prospects, resulting in increased client retainment, enhanced AUM growth, and a streamlined approach to financial marketing.

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