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A closer look at Hubspot’s new Content Hub™

According to Schwab’s most recent RIA benchmarking study, Hubspot is the #1 content marketing platform for RIAs managing more than $1 billion in assets. And with the addition of Content Hub™, Hubspot just increased how much content a single marketing team can generate and manage.  This article covers what’s new and how RIAs can use the platform to support their content initiatives.

Content Remix

Out of all the features that are new to Content Hub, this is probably the one that will make the most immediate impact for RIA marketing teams. The Content Remix feature allows you to take a piece of content — like an event landing page — and “remix” the piece of content into other content types in minutes — things like a social post, display ad, blog posts, or an email invitation to clients. Like everything “AI” right now, the new content will require editing, but the goal is that Content Remix can bring it 80% of the way and put everything into a format that is easy to review and execute on.

Brand Voice 

One of the challenges for RIA marketing teams is maintaining a consistent brand voice across a wide number of “content creators.” These content creators could be people on your marketing team, wealth advisors, financial planners, or outside partners like Marketing Wiz. The Brand Voice section of Content Hub allows you to 1) upload existing pieces of written content from your firm 2) analyze this content to define brand voice parameters and then 3) apply those parameters to your future work. In fact, you can upload content and click “apply brand voice” or use your brand voice parameters when creating AI-generated content.

The topic of voice is still one of weak spots for AI in general. This is to say, it’s not uncommon for AI-generated content to feel “off brand,” and that is why the human editor is so important. We have yet to see an AI-writer that can deliver written work that is 100% ready to go to clients, but AI does provide a lot of value in creating a strong first draft to work from. And as we all know, getting from a blank page to a first draft is one of the most time-consuming parts of writing.

Over the last several months, we have been using our proprietary investor persona data to train LLMs (large language models). We will continue this work with Hubspot and have started the process of training Hubpot’s LLM using this investor persona data.


AI Blog Writer

Hubspot’s AI Blog Writer functions very similar to other generative content engines like ChatGPT, Bard, or Copilot. What’s new, is that this AI writing tool is included in Content Hub. We will be evaluating how good Hubspot’s AI writing tool is relative to other writing tools in the coming weeks.


Old Features That Are Sticking Around

SEO Recommendations: Optimize website pages and blog posts for higher search engine rankings with actionable insights.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting: Empower teams with robust analytics capabilities to measure the performance of content.

Memberships: Create personalized membership-based content experiences to engage your audience.

Video & Podcast Hosting: Seamlessly record and embed video and podcast content across various marketing channels.

A/B Testing: Test variations of pages and content to determine what performs best.

Content Embed: Easily publish HubSpot-built content to WordPress sites for wider distribution.

We are excited to use these new features and help our partners deploy this new technology, and we will keep you posted as we work with Hubspot’s new Content Hub in the coming months. If you’d like a deep dive on how RIAs are leveraging Hubspot, we invite you to download our whitepaper on the topic or connect with our team

Craig Hall

Craig Hall is founder and president of Marketing Wiz, a financial marketing firm specializing in the independent wealth management space.


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